Thursday, May 31, 2007

Pacific Coast vs. Global Warming (by Mahboob, M.)

Florida is gone and there is no more life out there; icebergs have disappeared and there is no more ice out there; a lot of animals are dead on the Pacific coast’s beach and more disasters are happening. All those things could happen because global warming is hurting the Pacific coast by changing its temperature, and this is killing the animals, raising the water level by melting the ice from the iceberg, and causing natural disasters.

Global warming is killing the animals around and inside the Pacific coast regularly. On the Pacific beach there are lots of dead birds, and inside it as well the plankton are dying because of the temperature changing on the ocean weather. Whether the temperature increases or decreases, those animals live at a special temperature that is in line with their life conditions. Furthermore, the chain of life on the Pacific coast is in trouble by missing one or more of its parts, such as the birds or the plankton. In order to stop or control this issue we have to find a way to alleviate global warming.

The water level on the Pacific coast is getting higher than it was, and some researchers found out this problem happened because of the melted ice from the iceberg. In addition, as all we know, the iceberg has existed from along time ago until now, but recently the ice has been melting because of the weather condition. For example, researchers admit that Florida, part of New York and some other city will be drawn under water because of the water level increasing. In conclusion, if nobody takes any action about global warming, this problem will happen and it will cause big less around the world.

Recently in these days natural disasters around the Pacific coast are increasing, such as tornados, storms, tsunamis and under water volcanoes. All this is being caused by the global warming and its changes on the Pacific coast temperature, like the tornado that happened on Florida last year. And the entire world saw quite a lot of natural disasters around the Pacific coast, but if they do not do anything about that they have to expect more and more disaster.

Some people say all the things that happened are not caused by the global warming. In fact what are they saying is wrong, because all these changes in the environment around the world happened because of global warming. Furthermore, nothing will happen without a cause or “cause and effect”, and nature will not change itself if nothing changes it. What is happening these days on the Pacific coast cannot happen itself; in other words if this disaster had happened by itself, why did it not happen a long time ago? The only logical answer for this question is, because the global warming is just happening recently. In order to stop or control the disaster people should move and do something.

In conclusion, the entire world should act and make a forward move to protect the earth and the Pacific coast from the danger of global warming. However, if nobody does act, there will be more dead animals, more increasing of the water, more danger and the iceberg and more disasters.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Carbondale, IL

Carbondale is a small in the city United States of America, located in southern Illinois. The weather is normal as it goes with the seasons, so you will be freezing in the winter, and warm in the summer. In addition, it is quiet and safe city, which makes it a lovely place to live in. As the life goes in Carbondale, you will notice that Carbondale is a university city, which means almost all the businesses serve the students, the teachers, and the people who work on its utilities. Furthermore, it has almost all the utilities that you need to make your life go easier, such as supermarkets, different kinds of transportation, a health care center, and a bunch of the well-known restaurants. In conclusion, in Carbondale you cannot find many interesting things to do, but if you are looking to study and work for your future, it is going to be the perfect place to choose.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Drink .. Drank .. Drunk

Young people are more likely to do the prohibited things. What about teenager? Teenager’s society has more dangers problem that damaging their life. Drinking alcohol is one of these things, which is allowed by the government by the age of 21. However, a lot of teenager asks to allow it before that age. They do not imagine what the disadvantages are for starting to drink alcohol earlier. Nevertheless, we as an older people knew what the disadvantages, and because of that we beg that drinking is harmful for youth people and low should not lower the allow drink age to 18 and keep it as it is. Being drunk from the age of teen is harmful because it influence social life, health, and it can cause death.

Teenager drinking alcohol makes them too dangerous for the society they are living. The first thing affected by alcohol is family society. For example, if a teen girl started to drink, her interaction with her parents will absolutely change to bad actions. Over time all the behaviors will turn to be worse and worse, which means losing the relationship. Furthermore, even the closest friendships will be spoiled if the youth been addicted to alcohol. For example, it is very hard for drunken teenager boy to still attention to what he is saying to his girlfriend, and he will hurt her by saying a bad thing spoiled their friendship. Therefore, drinking has a terrible effect for teenagers.

The second reason that makes drinking harmful for the teenagers is health. Being a drunk means being unpredictable, when a teenager gets drunk he or she will forget to protect himself or herself from disease while he or she having sex. For example, on the night parties, teenager boys get drunk and having a sex with another drunken teenager girl have HIV. However, because he is drunk he did not wear condom and he get effected with HIV. James claims “It tends to be something we all know – that [by mixing] sex, drugs and alcohol … young people are putting themselves at risk for pregnancy, disease and possibly HIV. Those are life-changing events" (as cited in “Study: Teenagers often” para. 5). So if a teenager get drunk he or she will harm their life. In addition, a teenager body is so weak and will not be in good shape with starting drinking before the adulthood. For example, when a teen girl start to drink at age of teen her liver will hurt or she may get a liver cancer on the long-term. Health is important thing that everyone should take care of, but if a person started to drink as the teenage he or she will not be able to be healthy along the life. In order of that, government should keep the allow age to drink 21 and do not lower it.

Thirdly, being under the influence of alcohol will let the teenagers lose their control of themselves and kill themselves or kill some body, which is all equal death. A lot of the dangerous car’s accident that drives to death on the teenagers’ cause of alcohol. For example, when a teenager drives his or her car under the influence of alcohol, he or she will not be able to concentrate on the road, which means, a possibility of a huge dangerous accident and death. Additionally, the bad behaviour will all show up when a teenager get drunk. For example, when a boy teenager gets drunk he may start to brawl with everybody and may kill someone and get in prison. According to the Columbia University Home Medical Guide, in the US, "Alcohol use is involved in one half of all murders, accidental deaths, and suicides, one third of all drowning and boating and aviation deaths, one half of all crimes, and almost half of all fatal automobile accidents." (as cited in Yamamoto, para. 1). This gives us an idea of how the drink is hurtful for the life. Finally, if teenager loses them control by drinking alcohol, they will kill or heart their lives and no one is responsible for their choices, but themselves.

Opponents say that the alcoholic teenagers will be less affected by alcohol when they grow. This argument is wrong because the teenager will get use to drink and they will keep drinking for a long time before they can stop drinking. In addition, if the teenagers get use to drink they will not be able to live there normal day with no drink. Human being keep doing what we get use to doing. For example, if a teenager use to drink alcohol while he or she is eating, he or she will never enjoy the meal with out drinking alcohol, so it will be a habit when he or she grows. Furthermore, some teenager started to drink alcohol to get a way from there weakness and they will keep doing it for all the life. For example, if a teenager parents drive him or she crazy and he drink alcohol to calm down, he or she will drink alcohol on the future to get a way from the his wife or her husband problems. Finally, start drinking alcohol will not matter which age it is started in, but to start it is the trouble thing.

In conclusion, teenagers should know their advantages to not drink alcohol or at lest don’t started earlier then the allow age. Furthermore, government have better not lower the age of drinking in order to protect the people. It is a nice thing to have a lovely family, healthy, and safely life, but everything will be mass with drinking. Finally, it is such a bad thing to start doing things that we know it is going to lead us to be alcoholic, so better not do bad behaviours to live a great life.


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You Pay For What You Get

In Hull’s article entitled “Bill Would Limit Payday Lending; Measure Aims to Cap Fees, Restrict Numbers of Loans Borrower Carry” he points that cash advance companies are making high fee from the people who take loans from them, and how are they making the big amount of money from this fees. Then, he mentions the government and how they are they trying to protect people from those kinds of companies. Next, he mentions the fee and how high it is. Finally, he states the defenses from one of the cash advance companies owners. In conclusion, the author says that if the customers find any other companies can give them the loan with fewer fees they will go to take the money from him or her.

It is clear that people want everything less expensive, but the point is the less expensive they are looking for is needed more requirement; furthermore, they cannot have the entire requirement to get the less expensive things. That makes these companies are fine and works. The people and the government should not ask to decrease the loan’s fee because it is been helping the poor people and saving their time, something more is the fee is something that the company owner decision, because we are a capitalism economic system country.

First, these kinds of companies are very helpful for the poor people. Poor people can borrow money from the company if they are broke. So if a father of three children need to buy his children’s private school fee and he has not enough money, he can just go to one of those companies to borrow the rest of the money from them and pay it back later. In addition, by taking the money from the company and not from the family poor people will going to feel free. For example, this means when a man borrowing money from his father, he will fell dependent on the father, but the man will not have the same feeling if he gets the money from the company. Is really important to find some ways to help the poor people in their life, in order to be the best community.

Secondly, companies as a cash advance company allow the poor people to have loans and save their time. A lot of poor people are having troubles on banks loans or having a bad history on their social security number. That makes them not allow to have another loan from any bank, but companies as cash advance company. For example, when who needs a loan goes to another bank and apply for a new loan, they will verify his credit card history. Then he or she are not going to be accepted for a new loan because he or she already has one. However, if who needs a loan goes to cash advance companies they will not ask for many requirements. It just about writing a check and having a job and social security number with no difference on its history. Furthermore, another great thing is the time these kinds of companies are saving for the poor people. For example, if a broke person need money, bank’s loan will takes him a long time to get his or her money funded. However, cash advance companies will give him or her the money at the time her or she asks for if all the requirements are met. Finally, it is such a good thing to find this kind of company makes the ability to having money easier for the poor people.

Thirdly, business is business and the economic system of United States of America is capitalism, which is the freedom. Companies can put the price they want for their product: food, cars, money, clothes, and any kind of other products, and fees are one kind of products. For example, if a businessman start a business in food products he will have the right to price his product, and the customer have the right to buy it or not. Furthermore, businessmen should be careful on how they can pay their employees salary from the company benefits. For example, if a businessman opens a company the first thing he will care of is how much e is going to give his employee as a monthly salary. This monthly salary should be taken off the benefit or he will be losing his money because he will add more money from his own money to pay the salaries.
In conclusion, it is high fee for a loan, but it is worth it to pay a huge fee to have freedom. Furthermore, it is the easiest way to have a loan on this life. Finally, it is all back to the owners of the company, ether he or she will keep the fee as it or decrees it. However, nobody will keep in business if he cannot afford to buy all his or her bill.


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